Chinese writer Zhang Yueran in Leiden

This year, Zhang Yueran is a guest writer at the Confucius Institute at Leiden University. Zhang Yueran (Jinan, 1982) is one of the most influential young writers in China. She started writing at the age of fourteen and in subsequent years published in leading Chinese literary magazines. Since then she has published various collections of stories and novels, including the collection Ten loves and the novel Cocon. Many of her stories are fairy-tale and surreal, but at the same time they connect with (the dark sides of) daily reality.

In collaboration with publishing house De Geus, the Confucius Institute had Ten Loves Translated. The stories in the collection are translated by eight sinologists, novice and more experienced, and edited by Annelous Stiggelbout. The bundle will be published by De Geus in September.

In addition, Zhang Yueran comes to Leiden for a performance at Old School, with an interview by Annelous Stiggelbout (Chinese-Dutch interpreted). In addition, Zhang will meet the translators of her collection so that they can discuss her work and the Dutch edition with her.

Zhang Yueran interviewed by Annelous Stiggelbout
Place: Old School, Pieterskerkhof 4A, 2311 SR Leiden
Date and time: May 2, 2019, walk-in from 19:30, start of the program at 20:00
Language: Chinese (Mandarin) and Dutch
Admission free, with free consumptions for everyone