2018 Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Procedure For Shandong University

I.  Eligibility

1.Non-Chinese citizens.

2.In good physical and mental condition, well performed both academically and behaviorally.

3.Aspired to take future careers on the teaching or international promotion of Chinese language.

4.Between the ages of 16-35 on September 1st,2018. Applicants currently working as Chinese language teachers shall not exceed the age limit of 45, while undergraduate students shall not exceed the age limit of 25.

II.  Categories & Qualification

III.  Coverage and Contents

The Confucius Institute Scholarship provides full coverage on tuition fee, accommodation fee, living allowance (four-week study students are excluded) and comprehensive medical insurance expenses.

1.Shandong University provides accommodation for Confucius Institute Scholarship students. Normally 2 students live in one room.

2.Living allowance is granted on monthly basis. The monthly allowance for BTCSOL students, One-Academic-Year Students and One-Semester Students is RMB 2,500 per month; For MTCSOL students, the monthly allowance is 3,000 CNY per month.

3.Comprehensive medical insurance is purchased in accordance with the relevant regulations for international students stipulated by the Ministry of Education of China. The insurance packages are as follows:

Four-week program students: RMB 160 per person,

One-Semester Students: 400 per person,

One-Academic-Year Students and above: 800 per person yearly.

IV.   Application Documents

A. For all applicants

a)    A Scanned copy of passport photo page.

b)   A scanned copy of score reports of the HSK and HSKK tests (within the two-year validity).

c)   A Recommendation letter by the head of the recommending institutions

B. For degree scholarship program applicants

a) A certification of the highest education diploma (or proof of expected graduation) and an official transcript.

b) Applicants of the Scholarship for MTCSOL Students are required to provide 2 reference letters from   professors or associate professors. Those who can provide a notarized employment agreement with teaching institutions are preferred.

C.Applicants currently working as Chinese language teachers shall provide the proof of employment as well as a reference letter by the employing institution.

D. Applicants under the age of 18 shall provide certified documents of designation signed by their entrusted legal guardians in China.

E. Applicants shall also provide additional documents required by the host institutions.

V.    Application Procedure

Online registration will be available from March 1, 2018 on the Confucius Institute Scholarship website (cis.chinese.cn).

1. Please log on to search recommending institutions and host institutions,choose Shandong University as your first Preference of Institution;

2. Upload application materials online, track the application progress, feedback of review and admission results.

3. Scholarship holders need to confirm with Shandong University to go through the procedures of studying in China, print out CIS certificate online.

4. Shandong University sends you the Admission Notice to apply for study visa, register at the designated date and time as per letter of admission.

VI.   Contact Us

Contact Person: Mr. Ren Xiangrong & Miss Li Jing               E-mail: renxiangrong@sdu.edu.cn;cie@sdu.edu.cn

TEL: +86-531-88364535       FAX: +86-531-88565623

Address: College of International Education, Shandong University, No. 27 Shanda Nanlu, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, P. R. China  

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